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Of bulls and dogs

April 21, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

From the blog EV Grieve: Something that all the foreclosed homeowners out there might not find so amusing. A 13,000-square foot dog facility is opening up near Wall Street. The Fetch Club will include an indoor dog park, “social club,” hotel/spa, and boutique. Great. The Fetch Club. When they open up The Kvetch Club, gimme [...]

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Steal this web video

April 15, 2010Jon Brooks 1 Comment », is an organization that seeks to “highlight the economic artistic, and social harm caused by distribution monopolies, and to demonstrate how freedom-based distribution is better for artists and audiences.” To that end, here’s an animated video it released a couple of weeks ago called “Copying Is Not Theft,” spelling out one argument against certain [...]

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Dismantling consumer protection – a history

April 5, 2010Jon Brooks 1 Comment »

“Federal regulatory functions all had become dominated by political pressure from the providers of services promulgating ‘free markets’ and ‘lifting the regulatory burden’, greased by millions of dollars of campaign contributions and lobbying.”

One of the sticking points in enacting the financial reform bill stuck in the Senate is the creation of a new consumer financial protection agency, which Republicans have ardently opposed.

This post from the financial sector policy blog Finance: Facts and Follies summarizes the dismantling of consumer protections in the mortgage and credit card industries in the 2000s.

Many of the steps violating unsophisticated consumers’ protections against predatory lending came from a cascade of federal, not state, regulatory actions and legislation.

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Happy all the time

April 5, 2010Jon Brooks 4 Comments »

Fast food is not only recession-proof, it’s recession-enabled. From an AP news story last year, during the heart of the downturn: Recession helps boost McDonald’s sales McDonald’s Corp. said Monday its same-store sales rose 7.1 percent in January, as cash-strapped consumers lined up for the fast-food company’s burgers and breakfast items. Total sales in January [...]

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That’s what I want…

March 29, 2010Jon Brooks 1 Comment »

From the UK artist Shardcore, a currency-defacing project called Money, that’s what I want. For those of us living in a capitalist society, there is an inexorable link between our lives, our perceived happiness, and the bits of paper we exchange for goods and services. A banknote has no inherent value, it is merely a [...]

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It’s official

March 29, 2010Jon Brooks 1 Comment »

From the blog Pink Slip: I was in CVS the other day – looking for Good ‘n Plenty, if you must know – when my eye was grabbed by a bright blue box that held a fish plaque that plays the McDonald’s “Give Me Back That Filet-o-Fish” jingle. Only $19.99! If people are back to [...]

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Hatin’ on Nestle

March 26, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

The advertising, marketing, and media blog Thought Gadgets posts on a dust-up between users on the Nestle fan page on Facebook and a company rep. The Nestle page has been the target of an online anti-deforestation campaign by Greenpeace, as described here by the site Web Strategy, which also lays out a response plan for [...]

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Food stamp foodies

March 25, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Found on The Awl: Salon readers respond to an article Hipsters on food stamps, subtitled “They’re young, they’re broke, and they pay for organic salmon with government subsidies. Got a problem with that? ” Think of it as the effect of a grinding recession crossed with the epicurean tastes of young people as obsessed with [...]

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Health care – reactions

March 22, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

And so it is done. The health care bill is on its way to President Obama for his signature, at which point it becomes the law of the land. Then, this week, the Senate will take up a series of changes that Democratic House members demanded in exchange for passing the Senate bill. Reaction from [...]

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Google watching

March 15, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

One way to catch a glimpse of how people are searching on the Web is through the suggested queries that Google kicks up when you start typing in its search box. If you start any search, Google anticipates what you are looking for by offering 10 options that other users have frequently searched for.

For example, type in “How to save money…” and the search engine suggests:

  • …every month
  • …on groceries
  • …fast
  • …on electric bill
  • …in college
  • …for a house
  • …with coupons
  • …on food
  • …at the grocery store
  • …on a wedding

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