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Tax advice blogs

April 15, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

20 Best Blogs for Tax Advice, according to

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Warding off foreclosure – one story

April 7, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Blog post from How To Be Poor In America, by Susan Kemp, who has “gone from being a teenage welfare mother to being appointed Assistant Welfare Commissioner for my State.” Now, due to her health and ‘bad business decisions,” she has fallen on hard times. Foreclosure – Finding the Federal Mortgage Money …The day the [...]

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Tweaking the ole resume

April 7, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

From the LearnVest blog: Making the Most of a Thin Resume. When you’re short on experience, play up your strengths. The Problem: Recession or not, you’re job hunting. Trouble is, aside from some internships and a few part-time gigs, the work experience section of your resume is, well, thin. You know that you could nail [...]

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Noodling about doodling

March 23, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Our friend the Evil HR Lady answers a question from a worker who was written up for doodling during a meeting. Question from user: I am in a bind. I don’t really know what to do. Previously, the HR lady in my fairly small office was nice to me, always smiling at me and saying [...]

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Skimpy severance and the law

March 16, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Evil HR Lady is a blog written by a human resources professional who answers questions about the workplace sent in by readers. Here’s one from someone asking what legal recourse a family member who worked for the same firm for 35 years and was laid off with just four weeks severance might have. Laid Off [...]

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Google watching

March 15, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

One way to catch a glimpse of how people are searching on the Web is through the suggested queries that Google kicks up when you start typing in its search box. If you start any search, Google anticipates what you are looking for by offering 10 options that other users have frequently searched for.

For example, type in “How to save money…” and the search engine suggests:

  • …every month
  • …on groceries
  • …fast
  • …on electric bill
  • …in college
  • …for a house
  • …with coupons
  • …on food
  • …at the grocery store
  • …on a wedding

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D & D life lessons

March 10, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Geeks take note: A slideshow presentation by and video of ElmoFromOK — an “open-minded code monkey” and podcaster from Oklahoma — called… All I Really Need to Know About Life, I Learned From Dungeons and Dragons View more presentations from Chad Henderson.

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Interviewee, prepare thyself

March 5, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

From the blog PR and Unemployment, a list of dozens of questions you are likely to encounter on a job interview. Here are some of them: Who was your favorite manager and why? What kind of personality do you work best with and why? Why do you want this job? Where would you like to [...]

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Job search advice: Don’t glom; dress correctly

February 10, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Two more from reCareered: How Job Seekers Can Destroy Networking Goodwill By Cyber-Glomming The glommer is someone who over-capitalizes your time, who overstays their welcome with you, who just won’t let you talk to others no matter how politely you try to leave. Instead of building goodwill with you, job seekers who are glommers destroy [...]

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Worth a try…

January 29, 2010Jon Brooks 9 Comments »

If you’re near the end of your rope about your unemployment situation, try this compilation of web content: 100 Motivational Blog Posts for the Unemployed, from Includes: 10 Valuable Tips to Keep Spirits High During Recession ( 100 tips,tools, and resources-to help you survive without a job ( Things I like to do to [...]

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