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McConnell’s last stand

April 15, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

This cartoon from Ted McCagg requires knowledge of one of the more irritating Facebook applications.

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New health care law: What happens when

April 14, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Click on this chart from Visual Economics to see when various health care provisions go into effect over the next nine years. From the site, the info in non-visual form: 2010 In 2010, there will be three major changes to health care: 1. Insurance companies will no longer be allowed to deny coverage to children [...]

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Health care repeal almost certain

April 1, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Happy April Fools! Created at The Newspaper Clipping Image Generator.

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Will you be able to game the new health care system?

March 31, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

I have to admit I have been wondering about this myself. From Philip Greenspun’s Weblog, this March 25 post: Can I buy last minute health insurance? It seems as though the 1000-page health care bill is soon to become law. A friend of mine suggested the following strategy: Consider a family in Massachusetts that earns [...]

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State of war

March 31, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

“In fact, I believe that the elites have so mistreated the American people that we should declare that a state of war exists between America and Washington.” Former Federal Reserve economist and economics professor Arnold Kling doesn’t like the new health care law. From The Daily Caller: Health care bill woke a sleeping giant For [...]

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Haikus for Joe

March 26, 2010Jon Brooks 1 Comment »

Everyone knows by now that Joe Biden salted his introduction of President Obama at the signing of the health care bill with a comment he thought was off-mic: “This is a big f**** deal.” The Brian Lehrer Show has asked listeners to submit haikus about health care reform using Biden’s faux pas as the middle [...]

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Frum scrum

March 26, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Three days ago we posted an editorial from David Frum’s web site called “Waterloo,” in which the conservative pundit asserted that Republicans had committed an enormous tactical error in refusing to negotiate with Democrats on the health care bill. Now Frum has lost his job at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank. Frum [...]

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Defriending over health care

March 25, 2010Jon Brooks 4 Comments »

Great Gawker article called “The Eight Types of People to Unfollow on Twitter or Defriend on Facebook” drew this user comment: I’m interested to know how many people were unfriended this week in the wake of the health care law passing. I’ve been seeing a lot of crossfire on my rss feeds lately! And yes, [...]

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How the Borg helped pass health care reform

March 24, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

I have to say I have tested people with this riddle myself, only with two less degrees of separation: What is the chain of events that connect the Borg — the evil cyber-bio villains of “Star Trek” fame — and health care reform. The blog a grammar asks and answers this in a post called [...]

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Extra! Extra!

March 23, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

What did newspaper front pages look like the day after health care reform passed? Someone collected screen shots of over 200 of them and put them on the Web. Click to see a pretty amazing collection.

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