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Global financial collapse timeline

April 29, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

From the Real-World Economics Review Blog, a timeline of warnings and events going back to 1995 and leading up to the financial crisis of the last few years. Some early warnings from various economists: Sept, 2001 “the new housing boom is another rapidly inflating asset bubble financed by the same loose money practices that fuelled [...]

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Doom and gloom dissected

April 20, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

The Bonddad Blogtakes the economic blogopshere to task for its persistently negative outlook:

<strong>Anatomy of a Doom and Gloom Blog Post

I just read a post at another blog and it says we’re all doomed

Cited passage from another economics blog which says the economy is in fact headed straight to hell. The citation also includes at least one basic mathematical error and/or one misunderstanding of a basic economic concept or number which a simple reading of the data explanations would have avoided. For example, “not in the workforce” has a very specific meaning — or, more specifically, it does not mean that everyone who “left the workforce” simply ran away from the job market screaming to the hills. As another example, the unemployment rate is a lagging economic indicator.

Because this above referenced web site said we’re doomed, it must be true.

In addition, all government economic numbers are wrong.

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The Doom Cycle

April 19, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Simon Johnson is a professor of entrepeneurship at MIT. Below he speaks about The Doom Cycle , described by the web site New Deal 2.0 as “the current boom-bust-bailout structure of the financial sector that leads to economic crises.”

The “Doom Cycle” is one of the most significant ideas within the discourse on the current economic crisis. What the “Doom Cycle” offers is an explanation and a solution to the current financial crisis and the conditions which helped to create it. The “Doom Cycle” serves as a framework through which we can begin to address the economic condition of America in the twenty-first century. If we are to avoid another financial meltdown, leading thinkers believe that serious reforms are necessary. Without them, another, worse crisis may be inevitable. Through this idea, we gain a paradigmatic view of the financial system, and are able to understand the attitude and atmosphere that fosters a cycle of risk, gain, and collapse.

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What really went wrong…

April 14, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

A new paper that will be published in the Journal of Investment Management posits the theory that economists suffer from “physics envy,” aspiring to create economic models “as predictive as those in physics. While this perspective has led to a number of important breakthroughs in economics,” says the abstract, “‘physics envy’ has also created a [...]

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The theory of erotic capital

April 12, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

Some academic research is obviously very dry, but boy, some isn’t. From the March 19, 2010 issue of European Sociological Review: : Erotic Capital by Catherine Hakim, Department of Sociology, London School of Economic Introduction We present a new theory of erotic capital as a fourth personal asset, an important addition to economic, cultural, and [...]

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Chart attack

April 12, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

If you’re into the visual representation of deep data, Blytic is a site you should be hanging out at. From the About page: Blytic acts as a real-time archive for time series data, providing users with “at-your-fingertips” access to quickly search and navigate the current library of over 20 thousand data series, as well as [...]

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Is the recession really over?

April 6, 2010Jon Brooks 1 Comment »

Economist Jeff Frankel, who is a member of the committee that officially calls the beginning and end of recessions, says last week’s announcement that the economy added jobs in March has put a nail in the coffin of the Great Recession. But economist Mark Thoma is more cautious. First, Frankel: Job market confirms end of [...]

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Not sure if they’re hiring…

April 2, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

From UN Dispatch, a site providing “commentary and coverage on the UN and UN-related issues.” The Somali Pirates’ Business Model by Mark Leon Goldberg Last week, a group of investigators dispatched by the Security Council to Somalia released an exhaustive, 100 plus page report on arms trafficking, aid diversion, and other criminal activities in Somalia… [...]

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Economics reduced

March 23, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

…to one photo. From the blog of economist Greg Mankiw: Economics in One Picture.

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A libertarian’s book list

March 22, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

From the Library of Economics and Liberty, libertarian Bryan Caplan, Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason and an adjunct scholar of the Cato Institute, offers 15 books that influenced his thinking: 1. Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra. While I ultimately didn’t learn much of substance, this book got me very excited about about ideas. [...]

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