EconomyBeat Podcast #13: It’s Not Funny Anymore

April 14, 2010roman Comments Off

ComedyCity_mediumThe one rule of performing improv comedy is “yes ,and…” When someone presents a comedic scenario, you don’t contradict the premise and start acting something else out, you build upon what last performer hands off to you, you effectively say “yes, and…” You continue the scene and forward the action and refine the characters. But how do you continue to say “yes, and…” when everyone…the bank, the public, the whole economy…is telling you “no”? In this EconomyBeat episode we see the inside of running a comedy club, which is probably a tough row to hoe in good times. But in bad times, with the downturn that’s affecting De Pere, WI, it’s proving to be impossible. ComedyCity, the long running improv club in the Green Bay area is facing foreclosure. Independent producer Maria Bartholdi documents the struggle of the resident troupe as they try make an audience laugh while they’re devastated at the loss of their comedy home.

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